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Issue July 2022



Welcome by Mr. Waasen 

connect conference 2022

A close view to the connect conference 2022 

Which technologies will deliver on the promise of 5G? How can companies benefit from private cellular networks? How can we speed up the expansion of fiber optic connections in Germany? What will the internet of the future look like?

Statements of the speakers 

In more than 20 presentations, the top-class speakers gave the attending expert audience insights into the trends in network technology such as Open RAN, Edge Computing, 5G campus networks or fixed-line networks.

Interview O2 Telefónica 

We had a talk with Karsten Pradel, Director B2B at O2 Telefónica and Jan Busch, Director B2B Technology Solutions about what Telefónica can offer customers in the B2B sector. Of course, highly capable 5G private networks play an important role in this area.   

Telefónica company overview 

Telefónica is rolling out 5G faster than any other technology before. In this article, the network operator will take us on a journey about future 5G technologies and how Telefónica can help the industry with their digital transformation through customized 5G network solution and cloud migration.   

Telefónica 5G Mobile Private Networks 

5G private networks for enterprises and public institutions promise seamless, secure and high-performance connectivity. O2 Telefónica sees itself as a central, solution-oriented partner that supports companies in the development of applications and system integration. We give an overview of the operator's latest projects.  

Industry News

The latest news from the industry and relevant conferences 

connect business is not only about the latest case studies on 5G and mobile private networks. We would also like to keep you up to date on news from the industry and the next upcoming conferences regarding mobile and fixed wireless networks.

International Mobile Benchmarks

The 2022 Mobile Network Test in the Netherlands

For the seventh time, we – the benchmarking expert umlaut and ­connect magazine – have conducted our ­tough benchmark of the mobile ­networks in the Netherlands. Once again, we have refined our methodology in the process.

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