The Netherland's largest Cities

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For the inhabitants of the larger cities in the Netherlands, it is interesting to see how the different ­operators perform in their areas. Therefore, we made additional analyses for the five Dutch cities with the most inhabitants.

Boris Stroujko -

In addition to the nationwide assessment, it is always interesting to have a closer look at a more ­regional level. Thus, we have analysed the individual results in the five largest cities of the Netherlands. These results ­provide valuable insights to their inhabitants, which if the three operators shows the highest performance in their regional environment.  

SAME RANKING AS Nationwide IN amsterdam as well as the hague and utrecht. KPN SCORES BEST IN four out of five dutch cities. In the Dutch capital of Amsterdam as well as in the Hague and in Utrecht, the esults are ­similar to the nationwide ­ranking: KPN is ­ahead, closely followed by T-­Mobile and at a ­slightly wider gap by Voda­fone. In the voice and crowd ­­catego­ries, all three contenders score close together. In Am­sterdam and Utrecht, ­Vodafone is ­slightly ahead in the crowd-based assess­ment. In the data ­category, the gaps are a little more distinct. 

KPN more distinctly leading in Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, the score gap between the locally leading KPN and the second-ranking T-Mobile is a little wider than nation­wide or in the aforementioned cities. Again, all three contenders score almost on the same level in the voice and crowd categories. For the most part, the ranking is decided in the data discipline.

T-Mobile local champion in rotterdam. While this year KPN wins the neck and neck race with T-Mobile both ­nationwide as well as in most of the bigger Dutch cities, in Rotterdam T-Mobile leads the field with a clear score advantage. Here, KPN falls a little behind the other two contenders in the voice category. T-Mobile leads in voice, Vodafone follows at a distance of two point, while KPN is three points behind Vodafone.In the data category, T-Mobile and KPN score on a par in Rotterdam, with ­Vodafone falling distinctly behind. The win of T-Mobile in the harbour city is achieved both in the voice and in the crowd category. In the crowd category, T-Mobile scores three points ahead of ­both KPN and Vodafone, which are equally strong in the crowd-based analysis for this city.

The 2022 Mobile Network Test in the Netherlands - Methodology

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