112,509 users from the Netherlands have ­contributed around 399 ­million measurement ­samples between end of August 2021 and early February 2022. We have conducted a thorough analysis of this extensive data set, using an even more refined methodology compared to previous years.

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While the drive tests and walk tests, which determine the network performance with traditional methods, are in place since more than two decades, crowdsourcing can add important dimensions such as time, geo­graphy or variety in devices and tariff plans – if done in the right way. A ­detailed description of our crowdsourcing methodology can be found here. A ­total of 112,509 Dutch mobile ­phone users have ­provided relevant samples to our crowd data. The test area of our crowdsourcing ­represents 98.9 per cent of the ­built-up area of the Netherlands and 99.8 per cent of the country‘s population.

Vodafone and T-Mobile are co-leading in the crowd category, with KPN following at a very close gap of just one point.

Crowd Results at a Glance

In the crowdbased score, overall T-Mobile and Vodafone are on a par, with KPN following at a very close distance of just one point.  KPN leads in Coverage Reach, while T-Mobile is ahead in Coverage Quality and Time on Broadband. In the assessment of download speeds, KPN is slightly ahead of Vodafone, with T-Mobile following at a ­narrow gap. In the Latency metric, T-Mobile is ahead in both subcategories “OTT Voice“ and the more demanding “Gaming“ – followed by KPN and then Vodafone.



KPN LEADS in COVERAGE REACH, WHILE T-Mobile is ahead in Coverage QUALITY and Time on Broadband – with Vodafone following closely in the latter two KPIS

In terms of Coverage Reach (the recorded 3G, 4G or 5G coverage related to the overall summation of all coverage areas), KPN is ahead. T-Mobile offers the best Coverage Quality (the ­ratio of all Evaluation Areas to the “common footprint“) and also the best Time on Broadband (how often an average user had 4G or 5G ­reception), which makes it the leader in this sub-category. In both KPIs (Coverage Quality and Time on Broadband), Vodafone follows closely behind T-Mobile and ahead of KPN.

Download Speeds


KPN SLIGHTLY AHEAD OF VODAFONE in Crowdsourced assessment of DOWNLOAD SPEEDs, T-Mobile follows at A NARROW GAP

In our crowdsourced ­assessment of Download Speeds, KPN is slightly leading in the considera­tion over all speed classes. In the Basic Internet sub-category, 95.8 per cent of KPN‘s samples have throughputs above 2 Mbps, closely followed by Vodafone with 95.5 per cent, T-Mobile follows on third rank with 94.9 per cent.In “HD Video” (above 5 Mbps), Vodafone is slightly ahead with 88.9 per cent of the samples fulfilling this requirement, followed by KPN with 87.5 per cent and T-Mobile with 86.9 per cent.In the most demanding sub-category, “UHD Video”, KPN and ­Vodafone are on a par with 32.2 per cent, T-Mobile follows closely with 30.2 per cent.




In our examinations of Latency, T-Mobile is the leader in the Gaming ­category by showing 99.3 per cent of the samples below 100 ms (OTT Voice class). KPN and Vodafone follow closely and on a par, each at 99.0 per cent.T-Mobile is also ahead in the more demanding Gaming cate­gory with 97,8 per cent of the samples gathered below the ­threshold of 50 ms. Here, KPN follows on second place with 97.2 per cent and Vodafone on the third with 96.2 per cent.

The 2022 Mobile Network Test in the Netherlands - Reliability Results

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